Evening Menu (from 6.30pm)

~ 1220 AFTER HOURS ~

Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evenings

Advanced Booking Recommended

To Book, Call | Text: 07765146736   or   Email: afterhours@cafetwelvetwenty.co.uk

About 1220 AFTER HOURS

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings we open late and run '1220 After Hours', where the Cafe turns into a Bistro serving sharing plates and drinks. We hope to give people an informal and unaffected night out with affable service and great food.

  • ~ THE PLATES ~

    Salt Beef Brisket, Tewkesbury Mustard Tuille, Watercress & Pickles - £7.50
    Cuttlefish stew, Squid ink & Sorrel - £9.50
    Paprika & Coconut Chicken, Mango Sauce & Bacon - £7.50
    Pepper and Orange Sausage with Feta & Caramelised Onions - £8.50
    Welsh Rarebit, Toast, Malt Syrup Shallots & Almonds (v) - £7.50
    Smoked Pea and Coriander Mousse, Sourdough toast & Sumac (ve) - £7.00
    Charred Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Sweet Red Peppers & Tahini Dressing (ve) - £7.00
    Pomme Purée & Herb Salsa (v) - £4.50
    Butternut Squash and Butternut Squash Tortilla, Goats Cheese, Hazlenut & Apple(v) - £6.50
    Maple Bread, Oil & Pistachio Lemon Dip (ve) - £3.50

    ~ THE SWEET ~

    Baklava, Mascapone and Blackberry (v) - £5.00
    Chocolate Orange Mousse, Candied Orange & Salted Chocolate (v) - £4.50
    Passionfruit & Watermelon Sorbets (ve) - £3.50
    ~ OR ~
    1220 Cheese please platter - £9.50
    Please ask Staff for cheese selection.
    If you have any allergens please talk to our team to ensure you are looked after.
    (v) vegetarian, (ve) vegan

    ~ WINE ~


    Dominio de la Fuente Verdejo, Organic 2017 Spain

    A crisp, aromatic white wine with intense, fresh notes of grass, fennel and white pepper.
    125/175ml £4.50/£6.00

    Picpoul Plo d'Isabelle, Picpoul de Pinet 2018 S.France

    A snappy nose of lemon and lime fruit, with vibrant green apple. A racy wine with a lip-tingling finish.
    125/175ml £5.50/£7.50

    El Cante Albariño 2017 Spain

    Nectarine, apricot and peach are in perfect balance with a zesty and well defined citrus backbone.
    125/175ml £5.75/£8.00


    Prosecco Corte Alta 20cl NV Italy

    Delicate and aromatic with fine bubbles. This wine carries lots of fresh peach, pear and an elegant zest.


    Dominio de la Fuente Tempranillo, Organic 2018 Spain

    Vibrant and juicy with well-defined aromas of red berries, rosemary and a touch of liquorice.
    125/175ml £4.50/£6.00

    Oltre Passo Primitivo 2017 Italy

    Flavours of dried prune, date and plump cherry, with sweet spice. A mouth coating, chocolatey red wine.
    125/175ml £5.50/£7.50

    Olivier Dubois Cuvee Prestige Pinot Noir 2017 Loire

    Violets and sweet red berries on the nose palate is light, velvety and intricate, with toasted notes.
    125/175ml £5.50/£7.50


    Adorno Pinot Grigio Rosé 2017 Italy

    Pale and delicate, with beautiful soft strawberry flavours, nuances of nectarine and floral notes.
    125/175ml £4.50/£6.00



    Brewdog Lost Lager

    330ml £4.50


    Brewdog Pink IPA

    330ml £4.50

    Einstök Olgerd Icelandic White Ale

    330ml £5.00


    Irish Coffee (Jameson’s)


    Bailey’s Coffee (Bailey’s Irish Cream)


    Calypso Coffee (Tia Maria)


    Café Royal (Cognac)


    Disaronno (Café Amaretto)



    Coke / Diet Coke

    330ml £1.50

    San Pellegrino Lemon or Orange

    330ml £1.50


    Mark used to work in the music industry, but quit on principle to become a Chef when Macklemore won a grammy. He’s worked at some good places but now realises he knew nothing about cooking, humility, or how to be a man until he was taken under the wing of Joe Izzo, the owner of Cafe 1220 and Old Amersham cultural magnate.

    His palette swings to the sweet because mum fed him too much Sunny Delight as a child, but is balanced in his food by his acetous manner and general bitterness towards the modern capitalist system. Mark doesn’t understand much at all, but does know people should have fun when they come out to eat. From the music, to the service, to the food, the sincere aim of 1220 After Hours is that you leave with a smile on your face, and a few pound notes less in your pocket.